Help me set up second computer with wireless remote.

    I have two desktops separated in two different rooms.  The master computer is Windows 7 and is set to DSL with wired connections.   Can I set up the other one Windows XP with a wireless remote? 

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    Create a network through the second computer by opening your network sharing center. Connect it to your router. The router name will be displayed. Make sure your second computer has a wireless card or the hardwired receiver that receives and sends signal to the router. 


    Where do I find 'network sharing center?' I haven't purchased a router yet. How do I find if my second computer has a wireless card, etc? I'm totally ignorant of computers workings.

    Lower right corner of your screen where you check for internet connection. You should see the link to open the sharing center. You will need a router to tie into the DSL modem. On your second computer, go to the start button, in computer search type in wirless and if you have a card it will show in the results box. If you do not have one, you will need a transmitter when you buy the router. Go to Circuit City if you have one, the computer specialist will help you with what you need and be able to explain how to set it all up. You do not have to get an overly expensive router. Belkin is a good one and should come with the small transmitter.

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