Is 365 nm uv light dangerous to human eyesight

    i have to use a uv light box at work to check for oil fluorescence.  I think the lens should have a filter blocking uv light to my eyes.  I know that the short wave uv does and I think this longwave one should too.   But they have simply put a plexiglass cover over the view port.  The tech support guys say it won't hurt my eyes but I want to know for certain.

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    You can always research it with OSHA. I just woulldn't run around letting people know I inquired of it with them if I was you though!  But, in keeping things simple and everyone happy, you could just get some safety glasses rated for that intensity of light.

    I am by no means an expert in this, but I know that if it is making your eyes hurt, it is not doing your eyes any good.

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