Ihave eperienced esophagus spasms for perhaps 10-15 years amd it occurs early in the morning and I give myself a morphine injection because of the etreme pain which I eperience. But of late it has been occurring more often i.e. I have to put up with the extreme discomfort because I am allocaTED a set amount of morphine - what would you suggest I should do because I am at a loss when this occurs and am beside myself with pain - I would hate to let anybody see my reaction to this painful spasm

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    Pythonlover is correct this can only be addressed by your treating specialist.

    There are Pain Management organisations, well there are in Australia, that do tremendous work in this area.

    Upping your meds is only a band aid approach and if you Medico can only offer this I would urge you to get a second or even third opinion.

    Please no offence intended but as someone who had a wife who became addicted to prescribed drugs, quite often the patient unknowingly has discomfort to get more drugs.

    The human mind is a strange and unpredictable device.

    Good Luck


    Yes PL...the cycle of more pain, more drugs, more drugs, more pain, is an awful addiction to behold. I, too, have had to witness that and it is sad.

    Thankfuly Ducka our doctors seem to be more aware than they were of the dangers they held in their syringes, my wife has been dead for many years and frankly a damn site better off.

    This is something that has to be addressed with your treating doctor, maybe the doctor can up your medication, to help with pain management.

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