does adding cider vinegar to my dogs water keep FLYS away?Hope it is not a problem for me adding a photo? let me know

    as I bought a puppy named "SOUL" I dont like the flys around his water,food etc.....well I dont like flys  like flys at all lol"" Hope

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    He is one great looking dog! : )

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    brydee first of all welcome to the site and I just love Soul what agood name for him! as everyone has said its really good for him and also for us humans as well !!! as Ann said most of us have Animals on this site and we all love them soooo much so please feel free if you need to talk about Soul no one will ever get fed up answering your questions ..... and he is soooo adorable x   PS your from Aussie! we have quite alot of Aussie on the site! so you will fit right in!


    TYou so much melandrupert **SOUL**is a great name as he is a Good Soul:)))I went out this morning to get his chicken necks,he loves them so much:))
    Where in aussie are you from,do you have animals too?what kind of dog do you have,Oh I see you have a Cat in your profile pic
    Hope you have read the ICECREAM I posted today,Give it a try I am sure you will like it & its so easy to make
    TYou from Bry

    brydee65 thank yo for yor comment and he voting best answer! also I live in the UK and one of your guys from Aussie who belongs on site he goes under the name PEOPLELOVER came to visit me last year he was visiting his daughter who lives in London and he came up to see me what a guy he was so interesting I have all cats but take a springer and a collie for walks most days if they could pick where they could live Im sure they would pick my house as the never want to go home....I will look at you new posting and let yo know what I think I am sure its going to be good! oxoxoxox ps give Soul a big kiss from me xxx

    bydee, your dodg is adorable.I have used Apple Cider Vinigar for years in my two dogs drinking water{ one, my mini-dachshund is no longer with us) I never had problems with fleas, mosquitos. It is the best  and healtiest natural remedy.


    Thank you he is lovely but becoming a little ""Cheeky""now lol.....Oh is it (APPLE CIDER VINEGAR???NOT just Cider Vinegar???I have put CIDER Vinegar in his water ooooppps.....I am sorry to hear that your lovely Mini Dachound is no longer with you,I am sure you miss him dearly*
    TYou for your advice,I just LOVE this site and the people are so lovely/caring too:)))

    Welcome to this site. There many of us who have and love animals.You can always count on getting good advice. I always use "Braggs Natural Apple Cider Vinegar", But any ACV will do. My mini-dachshund had kidney failure and we had to put him to sleep on 12/1/11. We miss him tewrrible. Thanks for asking.

    Thank You VERY much Ann,this will give *SOUL* a much more comfy life:))
    FANTASTIC just Perfect

    Puppy Yes he is cute Thank You:)))He was born on the 11/11/2011.......his name is SOUL,he is a ""Smithfield Blue Cattle""great dogs for protection and working on the Farm......I just added the Ac Vinegar to his water and he loves it:)))Perfect!!!


    Cider Vinegar in the home. It is commonly used by dog, cat and horse owners to name just a few.

    1. ACV contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes important for keeping animals healthy.

    2. ACV neutralizes the acid in dogs and cats. Adding apple cider vinegar to their food will help keep those brown tear stains from forming under their eyes and eliminate the brown patches on your lawn by balancing your pet’s pH.

    3. A solution of half water and half ACV added to the skin after a bath will get rid of fleas. Let the fur air dry and, to be sure the fleas don’t return, add a table spoon of ACV to their drinking water. (4 to 5 cups of water) Adjust the amount of vinegar for small animals.

    4. For itchy skin, use a solution of half water and half ACV, as well as adding it to their drinking water.

    5. For Ringworm, sponge the affected areas twice a day with one third water and two thirds ACV.

    6. You can ease the pain of arthritis and stop hot spots by adding ACV to your pet’s drinking water.

    7. Spray your barn with Apple Cider Vinegar to keep flies away. Also, spray on farm animals to keep flies, and other pests away.

    8. A bit of vinegar in their food or drinking water will keep kidney stones from forming, especially in cats.

    9. Spray ACV onto horses hooves to help dry up thrush.

    10. Spray your pet’s bed and bedding with ACV every few days to keep fleas from moving in and to keep it smelling nice. 


    wow TYou so much,I had heard ACV is good but gee look at all the things its good for....I will never need to by flea shampoos,colars etc again:)))AMAZING....Soul will be a very happy chappy now
    May I ask"How long this site has been running for??"its GREAT,Just love it!!!

    We will be celebrating our first year, next month :)

    Colleen I have just pasted your write up and snt it to all my mates who have dogs and cats I going to start this with the cats thank you for tha info... so the site is only a year old! I thought it was 2ys oxoxox

    Colleen You know you have just upset Romos "Killing Fleas" Indeed Hmm "Oh Romos its Dog not Human ones."Phew.

    My daughter has a cross Dane and mastiff, also a staffy, the Dane had shocking allergies, they now both have cider vineger in their water ans a solution in their baths, no problems with anything since


    that is *Great*I thought I may have used the wrong cider vinegar.....Soul loves his water much more now*he is so spoilt:)))We are going on a outing today to a Nursing Home*Im sure SOUL will keep the place alive lol*
    The elderly will love him:)))
    TYou for the hint:)))

    the puppy is cute; but what is the other picture ? It looks like the cross section of a huge snail.


    ZOOM IN ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE YOU WILL SEE A 5 LETTER NAME IN IT:)))SNAIL WELL I have only seen them outside of the house lol

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