Did you know that an astroid the size of a bus had a near miss with earth this morning? The astroid was a surprise.

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    Imagine the suprise if it had hit.

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    I actually read that story for a change.....

    Wow that was almost a hit ! My guest were due for one anytime now! It just a matter of time?

    It went by so fast all the leaves disappered from the trees!    Or maybe the winter wind did it...{:D

    I wondered what that noise was, i thought it was a jumbo flying over head, i went outside to have a look and sure enough it was ! lol.

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    No where near the suprise  the passengers in the bus that it was as big as would have got.

    Think about it.

    if it had struck the planet  I wonder  where it would have hit.

    it would have made a deep impact in the ground!

    NO. It was a Astronaut stuck his "BUM/anus /arse out of the Window ,doing What he shouldn"t been doing!! Breaking wind .Caused a big cloud in the shape of a "Bus .As Eggplant said .So lets Imagine It was a bus . or shape .Feel sorry for the bus driver ."Thought he was on a "Mystery Tour Name of company "AIR TOURS"Question how does the driver account for the Fuel?/Gas.Or Combustion rate.Over to you" Eggplant"

    I didn't hear the news.  Head was in a tunnel I guess.  That is scarrrry. 

    Too bad it missed.

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