how long does it take to get from here to there

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    Same as there to here, easy eh?


    See comment below....I am worried for you.

    About 10 minutes past............

    BUt try here to there walking Backwards ?

    About yea long.

    To get from (here) to (there) one merely needs to; proceed from (here) for a little (t)here.

    It takes the same time as there and back

    If you hurry, It shouldn't take long.

    about 3 smokes usually.That's if you don't stop for a Dingo's Breakfast.

    no time if you remove t from there

    As the crow flies 10 minutes.

    Depends on the shortcut, do you know it.

    How long is a piece of string?

    It is generally just a hop, skip, and a jump from here to there, unless you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.  


    As my mother used to say it is a short walk if you run

    I wouldn,t count the hop,so that would make it longer,no,shorter,no,ok lets count the hop,now I reckon I could hop quite far,but at the moment I have a sore knee so lets take 25% off my hop,that would then make the distance a tad shorter,so the final calculation here should be the same as this piece of string,oh wait a minute that,s the wrong piece, it,s actually this

    Had ROMOS simply followed lewboy's mother's logic and kicked it into high gear. But no, due to his injury, ROMOS is stuck in the middle of becomes confused, disoriented. Even the KOTF is prey to the dubious doots who inhabit nowhere and capture unsuspecting travelers. Tension mounts as ROMOS tries to FLEA to safety.

    Dingos` Breakfast will have them stumped Tommy, so might stumped stump them.

    As the song goes, "A little longer if you go by way of Omaha!"

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