how to get medical records [copies] from hospital,doctors for court hearing .A.S.A.P !!!GO in person to hosp.or doctors?

    I have had no resorces to help me with my medical needs.   no income$$     I was layed off awhile ago,  couldn't afford medical insurance "  cobra "     stopped going to doctors.   please help w/ info

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    Yes, It's better to go in person b/c when my mom was supposed to go into a nursing home,for rehab, and she was staying at our house, the stupid Dr kept putting off sending her records to the nursing home. Joe, my late husb, called the Dr and they said he is very busy . And Joe said I'm very busy too, and i'm going to come to your office and sit there untill he gives me her records! !

    So we went to the hosp and took her in a wheelchair with us and my late husb ,who was still alive and well at the time, requested the papers.They said the person who handles that isn't here. He said, Well there must be someone here who can do it.! !  

     They triumphently said, " I can't give them to you anyway, because she would have to be here to sign them "  and he said,  " Well, I just happen to have her here with me "   and he went out into the hall and got her and took her into the office and she signed them.


    and sometimes you have to pay for the copies they give you. It's just another way they have to make money :-O

    go to the hosp. medical records,you usually have to sign a release.

    Go to the hospital in person (and dr's office) and note, you have to pay for them usually............

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