what does the name lesley mean

    waht does the name Lesley mean?

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    I've looked at two different sites. The first site says the origion of Lesley is Gaelic meaning Holly Garden.  The second site says the origion of Lesley is English meaning Joy.  The combination of both work well together.

    Well if that is your photo it means quite lovely , obviously someone who cares about their personal appearence.

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    Meaning of "Lesley"
    Gaelic name



    In Gaelic, the name Lesley means- From the gray fortress.. Other origins for the name Lesley include - Gaelic, Irish, Celtic, Scottish, Celtic.The name Lesley is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female).

    Gaelic Name Meaning - From the gray fortress.

    Origin - Gaelic

    Alternate Origins - Irish  Celtic  Scottish  Celtic  

    Expression num - 6

    Soul Urge num - 8

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