i have a cold sore,fever blisters in mouth what home remedy should i use

    i live in the country so cannot get to a chemist BUT would rather a home remedy please.....such as bi-carb soda etc

    Iv been told tea bags are GOOD but I bought        from the chemist and my lips became worse

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    My mom has had great success with green bell peppers a little later on she found an extract that was made from the bell peppers. After a couple years, her cold sores never returned.

    Ed1530 I am so happy someone knows the answer to this embarrassing problem and TY very much:)))Do You know where I would buy the pepper bells **Health
    Food Stores?*
    I have NEVER experience cold sores in my life...there is no sores there YET:// I did feel the blisters on my lips but now it feels like my lips have been "Burnt" sometimes they start to feel hot/burnt/sore so I use a Frozen Icepack,it cools them then I use paw-paw ointment and have been washing my mouth out with Bi Carb Soda,plus wetting my lips with it since yesterday
    Today they feel a little better than they did but I am very interested in the green pepper bells:))))
    TY again Ed1530 Enjoy Your Day

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    "Bells Palsy"OMG what is that,hope your sister is ok now though:))there is no SORE there YET but it burns at times so I use a Ice Pack to kool them....I use paw paw or Oralife *it a clear peppermint gloss from chemist which Cools the lips*Chemist gave me VIRASOLVE  it cost me $12 for a 5cm tube then my lips seemed to SUDDENLY  got worse:(((So When I gargled my mouth with the Bi Carb yesterday it seems to feel a little better.

    Its NOT Visible YET:(((( Im Praying it never will be and the pepper bells do work for me as well as they have worked on Eds Friend whom suffered this problem,I really want work on this problem ASAP

    Doctors dont really care any more,they will tell us anything

    Green bell peppers Use the inside stem were the seeds are at. It really works good.


    TYou very much:)))its never happen to me in my life
    How do i delete what I post up plz

    Yes I am a "OLD DUCK lol" on a farm lol
    ok im 46
    TY enjoy your night

    gargle with warm salt water.

    Aciclovir cream 5% 2 grams (Zorvirex presciption only medicine, although in the UK if exempt from prescription charges the pharmacist will supply this) is the drug to treat cold sores - also can be applied if you have the beginnings of one - tingling. 


    great TY so much:)))im am writting down all the advice I am given on this GENESIS SITE:))))Perfect ACICLOVIR is this a cream?As I mentioned I havent YET had a Cold-sore nor a Visible Blister occur YET....Is this what You have always used and do you get them often,as I THINK I may have Herp/Virus 1 from symptoms I have read over the past 3months and was told NOT TO put cold sore ointment on until I get 1 as it will prevent them quicker?Ummm Not Sure...Confused now as I am reading alot of great answers,what creams etc are the best so im not sure which 1 to get lol:))Green bell Peppers I have been told if you can read through my answers*It completely stopped some1s mothers coldsores that she had for so many years.then Iv been told CARMIX (I think that's in a Yellow small tin)so I am confused where to start lol..
    I do appreciate everyone,s answers TY from the bottom off my Heart:)))

    brydee - Aciclovir the other way of spelling this is Ayclovir 5% comes in a tube 2grams and is a cream I have taken this from a book called MIMS used her by Doctors and pharmacists also (web site This is the usual one used in the UK - I do not know of any other. The virus is called Herpes Simplex found as genital herpes, shingles, chicken pox(Herpes zozter) and cold sores - never kiss a child if you have a cold sore on the lips as they will get them when they are older too. Also not to be used all the time for example on lips as you are talking cold sores usually in winter - only if you feel tingling (there is not always a blister comes later just sore prior to this) and see the beginning of a cold sore apply as directed. You can google aciclovir also.I do hope this helps this cream most certainly works stops it developing as kills the virus - works for me and many many other people - I just know it will work for you. I see you like far from a chemist but this 2 gram tube of cream lasts a long time apply sparingly and if applied before too red and sore goes away quickly. Good luck with this - I hope it is clear for you, and thank you for saying thankyou.

    brydee - I really hope you get some of this cream - cold sores are so painful- two of the girls here agree with me if that helps. I have this small tube on the tablet in front of me as I do suffer from cold sores periodically as I said during the winter - I know the signs before it truly develops and only use if you have this redness and tingling not to be used as a lip moisturizer.

    I take this med in pill form on a daily basis, but if I get too emotionally or physically stressed, it doesn't prevent the occasional flareup. Abreva has been the backup and never let me down. Between the two, it's all good.

    Thanks Bob/PKB not sure about the systemic form on a continual basis usually taken by people who are immunosupressed, but I am sure you have checked dosage and side effects.

    You want to take care of the cold sore as quickly as possible.  My sister suffered "Bell's Palsy" due to a cold sore. I don't understand why but that is what her doctor told her...............


    It is the virus which caused the Bell's Palsy as in Shingles the adult form of chicken pox which is Herpes Zoster this is usually located on the upper part of the body and always travels along a nerve - painful.

    ABREVA is a very good medication when you feel the cold sore coming on. It is not for inside the mouth, though, and it is nearly $20 for a very small tube....but it works!

    Salt and water as above add some Cider vinegar or Tcp.

    Simple, gargle with colorox


    TYou 1967
    enjoy your Day:))

    i dont have CIDER Vinegar would WHITE Vinegar do until tomoz,as I need to buy the Cider Vinegar  for my puppys water as I read it BOOSTS the imune system

    PS:)) may I ask what Tcp is please as I have never heard of it

    TY so much for your reply

    In what country do you live in?

    Aloe directly from the plant. 


    TYou very much:))I have HEAPS of Aleo Vera growing here.I have never had a sore on my face and I have this issue(fever blisters)is wat I have read:(((not happy,just need the best remedy and I will be happier lol.
    Enjoy your day

    NSW in Australia 

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