hi. I'm an old maid. is it worth me to seek a man or love find me itself?

    if you think i should seek a man so where it would be best? 


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    Depends on how 'old' you are..  You might be running out of time.   That said, i don't think love finds anyone, I think you must 'look for love in all the right places'   There are many right places, definitely not in a bar.  Try one of the online dating services.  sometimes these work I understand, you might want to talk to a friend and have them pass the word you are available. 

    Just don't wear that apron and silly old maid hat when yoiu meet him


    I beg to differ Vinny. I thing a bar is a great place to meet people. But i will say you need some skills and confidence when you hit the bar scene.

    Tabber-- I don't know where you hail from but my vision of a 'bar' is not where to find anyone decent.. LOL, maybe for a one night stand and a long hot shower afterwards. A 'lounge' or cocktail bar, a classy drinking establishment is not my view of a 'bar' where pool tables and Harley Davidsons convene. A neighborhood bar.. Believe me, I have been to many 'bars' in my time and i know many tricks to make a score but I didn't think this was the question.. :)

    Absolutely.  Life is short, but life is life.  You have life.  Talk to people.  Get to know folks.  Take a friend along for a walk somewhere and make a comment to somebody that interest you in some way.  Love will give you another insight about life and then you won't be an old mail.  Which of course there is nothing wrong with being an old maid, but it would be great to step out a little for love.  Love is the greatest force in the world. 

    Is there a Social club you can go to , or Singles widows clubs .We have a lot of these clubs in Greenock Scotland .Come to think of it there are more "Woman than "Men.Wonder "Why" ?  WIsh you luck and love .Never give up.


    There are more women than men because they talked the poor buggers to death.

    At least we know where YOU go on a Saturday night Dowsa.

    NO way. Peoplelove "Whats that Song "I want to live for ever"They all wear "Hair nets come out of the toilet knickers tucked in there dresses at the back.Just "flashers"

    Where are you, I might be interested.



    "But she "Ain"t got no money "Honey.

    No worries , I am as rich as Croesus.

    I too am an old maid - must say it gets kinda lonely. If you really wish to meet someone go for it - perhaps you could join a dancing club, social club to meet others - something I should really do but too much going on just now. Be brave - not sure about the internet, my friend joined a dating agency, yes my friend not me. Maybe in the near future if things go well. Good luck to you and the old cliche you are never too old forget this old maid thing - probably by choice most women can get married. 

    There is nothing wrong with "being alone", sometimes "in love" doesn't happen. As long as you are happy with yourself and can live with yourself, life can be satisfying... And when you least expect it........


    Don`t put yourself down, old maid my foot (unless you worked as a maid for a long time).

    You are single lady of mature years.

    Where you live may limit or help your search but go out, join a singles group for older citizens.

    Careful on the internet as you may be corresponding with the local axe murderer.

    How's that waiting thing done for you so far.

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