Good joke.

    Paddy & Seamus were wandering around the streets of the french Quarter & having a great time,when all of a sudden Paddy was in urgent need of a bowel motion.There wasn't a public toilet to be found so Paddy went in search of a quiet alley. He found one at last & it even had an old bucket at the end of it & so he sat down on the bucket & relieved himself. When he stood up he experienced an excruciating pain,so he sat down again.After several attempts to stand he gave up & decided to wait for Seamus to find him.Finally Seamus arrived & said "Paddy what the bloddy hell are ya doin'? To which Paddy replied Seamus,everytime I try to stand I get the most turrible,turrible pain in me testicles. Seamus said,Paddy you bloddy idjit,you're sittin on a mop bucket,take your bloddy foot off the pedal.

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    Ol' Paddy put himself through the ringer!

    Sounds like figtree, lol, funny joke, Thank you. Tommyh

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    Thanks to Umbriel for responding to this joke!  We'll get it circulating again. 
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    There seems to be a misunderstanding about my "Umbriel glitch". I was deleting a couple of (extremely gross) responses from Umbriel. When I changed screens, we were left with hundreds of unanswered questions, showing ONLY the name of Umbriel, with NO responses from others. I'm certain that these hundreds of questions were also answered by many others. Umbriel needs no credit for this, considering he had been suspended long ago.

    P.S. One of the responses from him involved his answer to a 13 year old girl, needing help. He asked her for her email address, saying that he would be very happy to help her! That type of behavior was typical of Umbriel and it occurred regularly, so he is not, in my opinion, a man to be admired in any way. :(
    country bumpkin

    @Ducky. My answers to the old questions Umbriel posted where I've been commenting," I wonder what Umbriel said", were meant in a joking manner. I understand your message about what happened when you were trying to delete some of Umbriels filthy answers and comments and to be honest, I'm relieved to see that all of his rude and perverted answers and comments are gone. Personally, I think anyone from akaQA who has been permanently suspended should have his/her avatar, questions, answers, and comments removed.

    @CB....It was a difficult glitch (or error on my part) to explain....just thought I would try again as I'm pretty sure that it was not well understood by everyone. As you know, I like members to be aware of what is happening, even when it makes me look like a dork! :)

    I'm thrilled for the glitch. It got rid of Umbriel's obnoxious answers (thank you) but also presented all these now "unanswered" questions we get to see again and answer again. Nothing lost, as far as I'm concerned. :D
    country bumpkin

    You're not such a dork after all. LMAO

    Thanks. I hate being a dork! lol

    Didn’t see that coming…..

    Well done Tom,one of the better ones..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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