Here's a prime example why I oppose the death penalty..

    I have no qualms about "an eye for an eye" but it's better that 1 innocent man go free than 1000 guilty men get executed. I'm glad he was awarded $25,000,000!

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    He was sentenced to 45 yrs in prison and,t was exonorated. Even with DNA, there are still many flaws in the justice system. Too many people have been exonerated who were on death row. Thats why I am against the death penalty.

    We don't execute 1000 men. I still agree with the death penalty.  


    How would you revive someone who was wrongly executed?

    I believe in karma and reincarnation. I do not know if they did something in a past life that they got away with. Might just be paying a debt to be convicted in this lifetime. I trust in God that mistakes do not happen.

    This guy wasn't going to be executed, he never even had a trail......


    He might not have had a trail, but didn't he have a trial, if he was convicted? If this happened in Texas, he might have been executed.
    Headless Man

    This was an injustice but has nothing to do with the death penally.

    After his release in 2009 last December, Jimenez was convicted on drug possession charges and could serve up to three years in prison.


    I'd be on drugs too if I had been wrongly accused and had to spend 16 years in jail, possibly raped repeatedly by other inmates.

    25 million dollars was not enough to buy his own island were to drug him self to death?

    I am still "middle of the road" when it comes to capital punishment, glad I'm not on a jury........

    The trouble with hanging and flogging is that you can't unhang and unflog. In the UK between 1945 and 1960 at least two people were hanged and later given posthumous pardons- Timothy Evans and Nicolas Bentley. With DNA evidence the chances of incorrect verdicts is reduced, but not eliminated.

    I'd say it not up to man to do gods job...


    Well then, let's have God round up all the criminals for us. Why should we bother. Seems it should be His job to do the punishing too.

    Maybe he was homesick. I take back my remark about the $25 mil.

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