what is a cyber threat

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    A cyber threat can be unintentional and intentional, targeted or nontargeted, and can come from a variety of sources, including foreign nations engaged in espionage and information warfare, criminals, hackers, virus writers, and disgruntled employees and contractors working within an organization.

    Unintentional threats can be caused by inattentive or untrained employees, software upgrades, maintenance procedures and equipment failures that inadvertently disrupt computer systems or corrupt data.

    Intentional threats include both targeted and nontargeted attacks. A targeted attack is when a group or individual specifically attacks a critical infrastructure system. A nontargeted attack occurs when the intended target of the attack is uncertain, such as when a virus, worm, or malware is released on the Internet with no specific target

    Repeatedly identified as the most worrisome threat is the "insider" — someone legitimately authorized access to a system or network. Other malefactors may make use of insiders, such as organized crime or a terrorist group suborning a willing insider (a disgruntled employee, for example) or making use of an unwitting insider (by getting someone with authorized network access to insert a disk containing hidden code, for example).

    Something that needs to be reported to the authorities also.

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