Happy Birthday to Cleveland Rick!Todays his birthday! Have a Great One!

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    Here's to you, Rick! One week, remember.............


    I remember the new rule....

    Am I seeing DOUBLE???


    I was thinking the same. Didn't we have his birthday already?

    Yes. It IS somewhere else because I wished him a HB. In fact, I "sang" to him!

    There was a question about age ClevelandRick answered and said it was his birthday! I looked at his profile. It said 1-24 was it. Hence the greetings. Sorry if it's a duplicate!

    Oh that's okay clu..close your ears 'cause I must sing again!! LOL!!!

    Many happy returns Rick. have a good one mate.

    Is German Chocolate your favorite cake? Happy Birthday, Buddy.

    Best wishes Rick, have one for me, mate.

    My good wishes for you Rick and good luck and enjoy yourself today.

    happy birthday to you......

    Happy belated birthday Rick for yesterday - haven't been around, sorry to miss it - hope it was good for you. "Yesterday - all my troubles seem so far away" I do hope they are for you and you have a job. Here's sending you well wishes.   

    Well who ever said birthdays are limited to one day.. Happy Birthday Rick..

     Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday Rick oxox 


    Be healthy and happy, today and every other day of your life!

    Thank you every one and yes it was yesterday...Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away,love that song.

    Two birthdays in one year.    Wow  you are special !!..........HB....{:D

    Hope it was a great Birthday, Rick!!  It's your special day..........  :-D

    I will have to agree with Chiangmai, blow out the cake candles (or any candles) Make a wish. The wish will come true. You have all of us behind this plan. Believe and Be Well.

    Have a happy birthday, Rick.  I hope you made a wish before blowing out the candles.  I have a feeling it'll all come true.

    Happy birthday, and many more to come xx

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