The White Austalia Policy -- A controversy question but a Legitimate one! Should it be reinstated

    In  Australia their is a racist problem, the racism is against Austalians, since the abandoning of the polocy we have been over run by the middle east, Indians, Pakistanis,  Africans etc. The govt. give them incredible hand outs, including housing which many Austalians have been on the Housing list for many years,  as they get priority, as soon as an AUSSIE complains about the  situation, he is labeled a racist which happens in a lot of situations, thus we can't do any thing about it because of our anti - racist laws. They will not assimilate.

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    nomdeplume. I did not mention Aboriginies as they are indiginous Australians, thus not affected by a White Australia policy, lets get one thing straight Whites did not invade they walked in with no opposition, the Aboriginie of today should not complain as they get first prority for houses amd monietry hand outs  and they abide by a different law to the rest of the community. The Aboriginies have certainly nothing to complain about, they have it made.

    Well bullet man I have long said there is reverse racism in Australia( watch your spelling of our beloved land mate) and it is getting worse by the day.

    Every thing you wrote is correct decent Aussies are being passed over because of lack of funds whilst the Federal Government p****s billions of dollars against the wall feeding clothing and educating the children of illegal immigrants.

    Cop this as a example of the inequity of the Government.

    A family from the north of England wanted to take up permanent residency in Australia. They applied for and were told by their travel agent all was well.

    On the strength of this they sold their house and car, packed up their furniture etc and sent it to Brisbane where it sits on the wharf and the family has to pay storage for gods sake.


    Because their Visa never came through and they had to apply for a holiday Visa to get here at all.

    They can`t take possesion of their goods, work or get Government assistance because they are technicaly "on holidays" so not allowed to land their goods through customs.

    Yet they have to pay storage of, don`t quote me, $60 a week for their goods to sit on the wharf. And if they cannot get it sorted in another month, they have been here two months of a three months Visa, they will have to go back to England paying their own way plus the return of their property.

    You think that is tough well wait there is more.

    They enrolled their young twin daughters in a Queensland Government School and guess what? they have to pay the equivilant of $12 thousand per year EACH child.

    These are genuine , if misinformed, English migrants who paid their own way out, and looks like back.

    England that for generations was called "The Mother Country" and this is how Australia treats the immigrants who through their naivety have been swindled by the agent who has disappeared. Yet we can feed clothe and educate wogs kids, yes that is racist but I don`t give a stuff. Sue me.



    Well said and a honest answer love to meet you someday buy you a Whiskey only the best for a man who speaks like myself straight from the "Heart.

    Thanks Dowsa, take you up on that the next time I go to Pommie land.
    Getting around on tippy toes for fear of upsetting someone has to stop and as they say "every journey begins with a single step"

    So what about the aborigines, they were there for 50,000 years before the whites arrived. Better I suggest to kick all the whites out, their invasive plants and animals, and allow the country to return to the state it was in before Capt James Cook invaded.


    Good answer indeed

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