how do I change my hotmail password

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    2 Answers

    Have a look here for instructions

    Do what it tells you to do, follow the bread trail....

    1. click on forgot password

    2. click either alternate email or secret question(s)

    3. answer or type the correct information

    4. then change password, to one with numbers and letters to make it more secure or sign into alternate email.

    or if you can't remember anything or its a REALLLY old account or someone hacked into your account...

    5. Change password on that account, or if any of the other following situations is you... YOUR SCREWWED... So start all over get a new nickname, or/ and on a new server.

    ex.,,, or .ca,, or .ca ( don't know if you can change .ca and get a whole new account or its just another way to type, but im pretty sure ones Canadian, ones not.


    >>>>>>if a 1 or more emails are doing that just mark as junk email. i have had the same email for over ten years.<<<<<<

    i had over 400 emails in my hotmail inbox and 300 in my junk email.
    So i finally went through and deleted everything. plus i have emails, on and offline talking to me wanting me to go on cam or watch them, its gross. so i have got a new account, many on different servers.and i also had someone hack my account and send something about a Penis Enlarger to my grandma and a few friends, it was horrible and embarrassing. but thats life. i just did as the following says.

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