what is level 1 and level 2 and level3 and level 4 companies in software

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    The levels are designed to group support personnel based on their abilities and subsequently pay. Level 1 support are your phone and email ticket responders. They're the first responders and least skilled of the bunch. Level II support are expected to handle basic system administration tasks and coordinate with level I support operators to resolve customer issues. Level III is a spillover group that covers the staff trained to resolve the problems which cannot be handled by Level II support personnel. Staff in the Level III classification are generally expected to have a solid working knowledge of the companies systems and software and use that skill base in conjunction with innate problem solving skills. Level III support personnel are the last resort when confronting complex customer issues.

    Sometimes there's a level IV grouping which generally consists of senior administrators who are often called on to assess the abilities of new hires, train employees, and often report on the state of a companies IT infrastructure in addition to handling very specialized support functions. 


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