how u will define edlerly?

    what situtation u will define elderly?


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    When your so old you cant get out of the bed with a struggle and you need any help thats is available.and your mind starts fading away the memories you once knew.

    So that`s what`s wrong with me, well I`ll be buggered, I thought it was old age.

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    Being past middle age and approaching old age is what i would describe someone as elderly.Some elderly people have more "get up and go"than a lot of younger people.


    My get up and go has got up and went.

    Some places may say 55 and older, Elderly could be anyone older than you and deserve respect ! {:D

    Elderly is always 10 years older than your current age!

    I refer you to Peoplelover.Now that's bloody old! Elderly,Aged,crotchety & downright bloody grumpy at times.


    Poor Peoplelover...good thing he's such a good sport! haha

    I thought all you old Aussies were like

    Same as you define someone who can not spell "you" "elderly" or "situation"> Carefully you do not know what reaction you might get.

    I dont like the word "elderly" I prefer to call them "elders" I took a course in Gerontology many years ago and it explains the word "elderly" as beeing dependend, beeing exploited and prone to abuse. Youth is glorified in the US and many elders become invisible. That is so far removed from reality. Many people have started businesses, have accomplished great things in theire late 60s and 70s In Europe, elders are held in high esteem because of theire wisdom and knowledge. .

    The boundary between middle age and old age cannot be defined exactly because it ... was to prevent poverty and elderly persons from being reduced to beggary, ... Those who are unsuccessful during this phase will feel that their life has been .... Laura Carstensen - research at Stanford university's Life-span Development ...
    Most developed world countries have accepted the chronological age of 65 years as a definition of 'eldIn fact, most define elderly as adults 65 and older and some define it as ... of the woods - probably because of a backlash such as you describe.erly' or older person, but like many westernized concepts, ...


    Umbriel thanks for the comment of should I say Tutor! I wish i could write like yourself you are a brilliant writer though I would like a bit more Humour in with your words! I used to read alot of Henry Root books they were so funny thanks again

    If one buys coffee cheaply at McDonald's.


    Who told you?

    What's this about cheap coffee at Macca's?
    Nobody told me.I feel ripped off!

    Age 55, coffee is 70 cents. All others will have to pay $1 or more.

    Good mug of coffee, with Irish Cream liquor instead of cream, mmmmmmm

    Your old when you grunt or make a noise when you get up, your elderly when you also do that when sitting down................... I know GRUNT

    The age definition for elderly gets higher every year.


    Planting more garden beds and still shootin' pool! Oh yeah baby!!!

    Anyone ten year older than you.

    I think a person is old when they start getting old age pension, between age of 60/65 yrs.

    Well to me The Elderly is a group of people  who  have attained a certain amount of wisdom, and accomplishments, made  contributions to society, raised their families the best the could, and should not be considered to be a burden on the New World Order of a Certain Politicial party, who thinks  they are a has been  used up  old fogies who should be  left to  get by the best they can or hurry up and die off  so we  won't have to pay any  Benifits to them.   Just my opinionI'm sure there are those who'd dispute that.

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