Do you ever try to imagine what somebody looks like, simply from the answers they give on this site? I do. Or no.

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    Hi tabber, mostly you are wrong. I have very dark brown hair, I am very slim same size as I was at nineteen. I did do some modeling for a magazine (bridal) when I was young. I'm not nosey, but i do listen to people. I like gardening, I am an artist, writer and crafter.

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    Sure we do.  Its natural to to associate a voice or phrasing to a person from the past and reassociate them with the here and now Q&A's.  And TV gives us a ton of personality's with faces stuck to them. 

    But in over 50 years I may have gotten 2 or 3 right ! 

    tabber I have often wondered what people look like it would be good if we could get our pitchers up and see what our imaginations have gone through!


    you could always post picture on your profile.

    lewboy I want people to guess first as I have given lots of deciptions of my selve on variose questions!!! thank you xxxx

    I have them pictured in my mind. I'd probably be blown away were I to ever meet them........


    jhharlan i know. the man that does my taxes for me, i found him from an ad in our local paper. when i talked to him on the phone he sounded like a little shrivelled up caucasian man about 76. When i met him he was a big beautiful handsome nice man and young 30 something. facinating. you can't tell a book by it voice or avatar.

    No kidding......

    So, what do I look like?


    Well I reckon your young looking, Intelligent obviously , slim ,brownish hair,glasses,probably in jeans and sloppy T shirt most of the time.Not one to bother with make up,well and we know you are striaght to the point and outspoken. And I bet you don't take any Sh-- from anyone.

    Some of it is true, but I never wear jeans and sloppy joes. I'm a smart dresser and I wear makeup and my hair is groomed by me. I'm too lousy to go to a salon.
    PS. I don't wear glasses.

    I'm getting the picture now.

    I'm getting the picture now.

    eggplant i picture you to have brown to strawberry blond hair. i picture your hair short to shoulder length, with some slight curl. I picture you like dresses with flowers and brezy soft materials. I picture you like wearing light colored clothes. and light colored lipsticks, no dark or real red lipstick. i picture you a little bit chubbie but of course pretty, or as i like to say beautiful. i think you are the type of person that likes to do things in your own time and do not like to be rushed. if you work a garden, you really enjoy it and find it relaxing and enjoyable and medtitative. When people are around you i have the feeling they never feel like you are rushing them and hear every word they have to say. You probably make a great neighbor. You're not nosey, but you are nice. You like pastel colors more than deep dark and true colors. is any or this correct. have a great day eggplant!

    Yes I do, I think it's just a natural thing to do, I probably imagine people completly different from what they are . It would be interesting to see sometimes.

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