what is the symptom of prostet cancer?

    what is the symptom of prostet cancer?

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    Punch in Prostate Cancer and click on the information you want. Too much to post here.

    Be well.

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    Frequent urination.No pressure when urinating. These 2 are the most annoying symptoms.

    It does not mean that you have cancer by any means.It is most likely only an enlarged prostate.

    Your doctor can do a simple test & prescribe drugs to alleviate the symptoms.

    Do yourself a favour.See you doctor.

    As a survivor of prostate cancer, you can't go by 'symptoms'.  many of these symptoms are results of normal aging. You must get a digit test  (finger up your butt) and if your doctor feels a bump or hardness,  he/she will order a PSA test, if it is elevated above 0.04 then you will be advised to have a biopsy. 

    prostate cancer is one of if not the slowest growing cancers, depending on a person's age, sometimes it is best to just keep a watchful eye on it as many patients die 'with' it as opposed to 'of it.. Thus living out a normal life.  Of course, if it is aggressive as in my case surgery and/or radiation is in your future. but! It's not the end..  Prostate cancer is totally curable with the assumption you heed the advice above and check early. Catch it early and it can be defeated.

    Many men have enlarged prostates, this will cause constant visits to the bathroom but this in no way is consistent with prostate cancer. It is however cause to go get it checked out.


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