what is the best hybred car

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    We do not rate cars here. You can do your own comparisons at this site however: Hybrid Car Shopping Information 

    That would all depend on YOUR particular needs.   There are several types of hybrids available on the market today, including several pure electric cars.  There are also several  conventional powered cars that will consume the same amount of fuel. 

    In the case with alternately fueled vehicles, one must consider the ADDITION purchase price of driving one home, than to drive home a similarly equipped, same size conventional powered vehicle. 

    For example if you have to pay $5,000 more to buy a Prius, over the same same sized Corolla, that $5,000 will buy ALL of the fuel for the Corolla for FOUR years, before you will begin to save a PENNY on fuel

    The bes thing to do is to  price all of those that suit your particular needs, then buy if from the dealer that will sell you the vehicle at the lowest total DRIVE HOME price. 

    Pretty much the same as when you buy ANY Vehicle.  When you do pick a particular vehicle be sure to get a "Total drive home price,"  not just a selling price, from at least three dealers of that Brand

    National Automotive sales figure show that buyers of import brands pay a drive home price that is 20% to 30% HIGHER then if they had purchased a domestic brand of the same size and summarily equipped.

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