Has Social Security Trust fund loaned the US Government money?

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    Who in congress would stop it?

    I do not understand all this but I wish the US government would stop charging you guys  for your health care or create a better reasonable system.


    I agree with you dopey. The US is way behind other countries in that respect.

    Tax dollars are not meant to do that. Why do you think obama got elected, his voters want something for nothing.


    Ever since the SS law was enacted in 1932, SS FICA funds have been invest in US Government Bonds,

    Only the interest earned, on those SS US Bonds, is carried as a Debt on the Annual Budget Balance Sheet.

    The Principle, on the SS US Bonds, is carried as an Asset on the Annual Budget Balance sheet, to be spent as the Congress sees fit.

    Interestingly the US Bond was YOUR Bond, that is why only SS held Bonds can be cashed before maturity, because YOUR Bond was to be turned over to you at retirement, or AT THE TIME OF YOU DEATH, if that occurred BEFORE you turned 65.

    A short time after, when the politicians saw all that money sitting in the Treasury, the Democrats decided to crate a POOL of those funds, funds they could use to BUY YOUR VOTE.

    In 2011, for the first time in history, the SS Administration cashed MORE matured US Bonds than it purchased as had been the case since 1936 when SS payments started

    The reason is Obama's so called "payroll tax (FICA) cut of 2%, took $350,000,000,000 OUT OF THE SS FUND, resulting in more being payed our than came in.

    Remember that in November because Obama wants to take another $350,000,000,000 OUT OF THE SS FUND in 2012 by extending the "payroll tax (FICA) cut of 2%,for ANOTHER  year.

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