Can I grow a lemon tree from a seed?

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    I have six lemon trees growing in my yard, all of which I started from seed.  And I have one orange tree as well............

    Can you grow a lemon tree from a seed?

    THAT is the ONLY way to grew a lemon tree.




    So now we have the seed Now what? Do you need a boy and girl tree ? Do you just stick the seed in dirt and HOPE? Details ,please

    Only if it is a lemon tree seed.
    You can also graft a lemon cutting onto "stock" root of another lemon,orange any of the citrus family.

    Get a good seed raising mix put 5 seeds in each pot and keep damp for few days then water every 3 days and keep you fingers crossed.

    You may not get as good a fruit from seedlings as the original fruit was. No idea why but this a common result of seeds.

    It is for this reason most fruit trees are grafted.

    Certainly, you can!  Like anything else worth having, give it the care and attention it needs to thrive. 

    well,you need to find the seeds,right

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