How to obtain an high school diploma in the 1967 school year

    Need to obtain a high school from A .W.  Jackson High School in the year 1967,

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    Your high school was probably part of a school district.  The school district is likely still in existence, so you need to contact the records department of the school district office.  Your records are "archived", but some record should still be available.  GOOD LUCK.

    That's the year I graduated from H.S.  First, you should call the school, and if they're still in exhistence, maybe they can find your diploma on micro-film ,    micro-pheesh, or something like that. If you don't have a diploma, I guess you'll have to get someone to counterfiet  you one.

    If you add the name of the school you want the( year book) for just put it in your broswer the same way you asked the question.It will pop up. Have a Good Evening!!!!!!!

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