Is ther a medicine for breast cancer ?

    Is ther a medivine for breast cancer ?

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    Yes completely revolutionary discovered some ten years ago or so - called TAMOXIFEN. Used depending on the  age of the person, - stage,size of cancer etc. - Only will be prescribed for the right type of Breast Cancer and by an Oncologist specializing in Breast Cancer. IMPERITIVE - the earlier breast cancer detected the better - referrals to an Oncologist is very rapid. 

    Yes...and more than one.

    there are cures for almost everything now a days.  got to do some research. I been researching stem cell medicine and went to a seminar last week in San Jose, CA.  fascinating things going on with health, healing and rejuvenation.  I also like the magazine Life Extension, plus I think they are on line.  Been reading them for about 20 years.  Good Luck.  A friend of mine at work, told our group of about 17 people that she had breast cancer.  I started read books on the topic.  a lady wrote a book that she cured herself with nothing but mostly carrot juice.  I've hear there is info that people cured cancer using baking soda and water.  you tube that. and of course we've got Stanford Hospital where I hear are very good with cancer treatments.

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