how can i clear hard drive of incriminating emails

    i would like to clear any  unwanted email from my hard drive without clearing  my other programs how can i do this

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    If the cost of incrimination greatly exceeds $500.00, transfer your keeper data onto a new computer and destroy the "problem" one with a sledge hammer and metal cutters until you can scoop the entire unit one tablespoonful at a time into a paper bag which you will then set aflame until completely charred.

    Next, distribute the remains (once fully cooled) into at least 5 separate small colored plastic bags and throw one out with the trash each week until you've disposed of the last.

    Hard Drive Clean Up Software 

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    If you have microsoft windows based PC then you can go to Microsoft help site.  I know that there is something on there about how to do that because I have seen it before I have a MAC so do not have Windows on it but I know that that is on the microsoft help site and you can print it out and go by the steps.  Hope that helps.  That is one thing about microsoft help site they do have a  very in depth and helpful free website to get help on many things.

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