has anyone out there had back surgery?

    I have a pinched nerve in L5 lumbar.  Is causing problems with my walking and can't do anything now.  Had as much as possible done that can be done without surgery.  Looking at invasive surgery, if that's what's called.  As little as possible to have the disc sanded so the nerve is not pinched.  Has anyone ever had it done?  Have any places that are excellent out there?  Extremely good neuorolgy surgions around?  Please advise!































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    I've had 4 fusion surgeries.  2 lumbar, 2 cervical.  Rods put in and taken out.  Lumbar has worked well.  Check with the neurosurgeons in your area.  I tried everything before surgery.  Was at the point where I could not walk upright, even had to crawl at times.   It has taken 2 years to recover.  I've never heard of a disc being sanded.  Maybe that is a new technique.  Mine were fused so I do have limited motion especially in my neck. Can't turn it all the way left, right, up or down.  Overall it is much better.  I would be in a wheelchair had I not had it done. 


    thaky you makes me feel better about having it done

    thaky you makes me feel better about having it done

    Listen to your doctors. Mine have told me ... No surgery until I can’t walk ...

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