How can I enlarge all offline print on my computer

    I now have a vision problem and cant see well.  I can enlarge print on the internet but have a problem reading the ribbon and drop down instructions on excel spreadsheets and word.  I use excel a lot and know how to make the contents of the cells large but have trouble reading and seeing the toolbars in word 2007 and excel.  Will I have to purchase a larger monitor to have larger print and icons

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    When in Word, go to Tools. Then go to Customize then on the drop down go to Options then go to Other. Then check the box that says Large Icons. That makes the toolbars so easy to see, I don’t even need my glasses. I hope this helps you. Good luck. r/yvonne57

    Mary Ethel

    I have Microsoft Word 2007 (non-commercial) and I do not have the options you mention above. Thank you anyway. I have these options in Internet Explorer but not in my "word."

    Are you using Internet Explorer?  If so here are some directions:

    Let me know if this isn't what you are asking.

    Mary Ethel

    Yes. I know how to increase size of print when on internet. I use excel a lot and I am unable to increase size of toolbar or ribbon acroll top of screen. I can change size of print in cells. My vision has gotten bad lately and I have problems with the small toolbars across the top

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