how good of gas mileage do deloreans get on the highway?

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    Do you mean today or back to the future?

    If you need to ask, you can't afford it.

    The DeLorean's gas mileage is a matter of conjecture, though through various reports it seems that 18 to 20 miles per gallon (mpg, or 29 to 32 kilometers per liter) is a fair estimate.

    At 20 miles per you would get about 4 miles per litre

    it depends on the engine size and how you drive it

    convert it to water or electric that would be a futuristic car

    look on you tube gas is dead


    I thought they ran on any garbage you could find in a trashcan. I saw that in a movie and we all know that a Hollywood movie would never lie. I have proof they don’t lie. 


    ""But the most popular energy-efficient mode of transport in an age of dear oil, weak dollar and recession, and the simply "must-have" amongst Wall Street and City-types is BTTF DeLorean with the flux capacitor and the fusion generator that runs off garbage. For if there is one thing that America produces an excess of, it's garbage.

    Here we see Doc Brown "fueling-up" the BTTF Delorean with a bit of beer and garbage. Of course, if the price of hops keeps rising one might find they've swapped one bonnie situation for another...

    They had a Renualt V6 30 litre in them similiar to the old Volvo 265 's or Renault 25's loook up their fuel consumption .

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