Do you agree or disagree with obama decision on the oil pipeline from Canada to south USA ? You think he is " Stark Raving Mad "

    Yes obama is crazy. Alot of money could be made from this. There is no good reason not to that i have heard.

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    I don't understand why he is not jumping in with both feet on this one...maybe I have missed his point on why he is not?

    I'll go along with "stark raving mad' why would any one president or otherwise want to loose the opertunity to give thousands of jobs to a country that despertly needs them.If now is not the right time then when is ?

    Any other president would have jumped at this create jobs and become more independent of oil in the middle east. BBCs headline:

    Obamas Keystone Denial Prompts Canada to look to China Sales.

    Obama is caving to the Enviro-Nuts and especially hollywood. He is not looking out for this country, he is trying to get reelected by the Enviro-Nuts and Hollywood. He is the most inept president we ever had.


    Just another inept president,we've sure had our share.

    No problem. We (Canadians) will simply sell it to other markets. If 'Bama changes his mind, he'll have to come on bended knee and be willing to pay twice the price for insulting us. If not, he can keep importing "clean" oil from his friendly allies in the Middle East.

    Time for Canadians to boycott Hollywood films since their "stars" are the enlightened ones behind this spineless decision.


    Hollywood stars seem always to be the "experts" on politics...listening to them give their political opinions is often laughable, isn't it?

    With very few exceptions,these self-anointed Hollywood activists are completely out of their sphere of competence. At best, they may have read a magazine article or two on their cause du-jour. Suddenly, they consider themselves experts and compelled to save us mere mortals from Armageddon.
    I laugh at these mental midgets every time they get political.

    Obama is a first class loser.  Everything is politics with him.   America LAST.  If he is sincere about the envirionmental issues with the pipeline .....  then make it double or triple pipe over or near the equis beds. 

    No.  We have to continue to buy oil from the people who hate us.  Let China have Canadian oil.  THIS IS NUTS !!!!!!!! 

    Just wanted to mention Fish Fry already asked this so you may not get a lot of answers....

    Anyway, I think it just shows one more time how much he hates Americans and will do nothing to help them. 



    i didnt see that. Just saw stark raving mad question. thanks

    No problem having it repeated. It's an important issue to get out there. Hopefully more will see this and realize he is no good for this country.

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