why are there so many religion?

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    Control. Men like to be in control. Religion is a good way to control others. Plus it's a good money maker. Then there are those who want to believe God shines down on only them. 

    Different cultures, from different parts of the  world, with different values and different needs all have offered different perspectives on the divine and Supernatural.

    AKAQA enthusiasts might be interested in a new religion - Kopimism. It was founded in Sweden about 15 months ago. They believe that information is holy as is the act of copying it. They are registered as a religion and do not have a deity and do not say anything about the afterlife.

    The Bible identifies Satan as the “god” of this system of things. (2 Corinthians 4:4) He instigated religious confusion to deter humans from worshipping God as He approves. This is why Jesus did not teach that all religious roads lead to the same place. He said that many are on the road to destruction, but few are traveling the road to everlasting life. (Matthew 7:13, 14) When comparing many popular religious teachings with the Bible, it becomes obvious that the diversity of religions is also because people have become followers of men instead of listening to God. (Mark 7:6,7) Despite this, it is possible to find the truth about God through prayer and a serious study of the Bible. God promises to draw close to those who draw close to him. (John 8:32; James 4:4)

    If the first one was a slam dunk, there wouldn't be a second.

    For the same reason for which there are so many languages.Both were/are part of the humankind development.

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