can gall bladder disease be healed without surgery?

    My husband has gall bladder disease.  We don't have insurance for surgery.  Have seen alternative doctors claiming to be able to heal the gall bladder without surgery.  Anyone have any experience?


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    Info here>>

    Everlovin, check out the following links, and I hope you find useful information, Good luck.

    Yes it can - I had 20 translucent gall stones removed when I was forty - usually fair fat and forty but I was fair, thin and forty hence walked the floor for years at night in excreciating pain under the right diaphragm - despite numerous tests. Had these from the day I was born - the duct from the gall bladder was never patent from the day I was born - all sorts of tests until one day the spasm was too great after cheese and milk. The gall bladder just stores bile and dispenses it through the duct into the small intestine when fats are eaten without it the liver takes over. Two types of surgery - incision or keyhole surgery the latter may be better now not so good when it first started.



    yeah Ducka - has a good GP in those days met at Piccadilly Circus on a Sunday with the red carnation - he said thats it - gall-stones. Women are said to have nine times a higher pain threshold than women would you believe.

    So sorry. It would seem I answered this question wrongly - you are asking "without surgery". If he is not having painful symptoms - diet wise he should avoid fats of any kind or have VERY little fat. However, they have found that 60% of people at post mortem had gall stones in their gall bladder which did not trouble them in their life time. There is a herb called "Milk Thistle" which is good for the liver and this might help. Google "Gall Bladder Disease" or follow the other sites Dollybird and ROMOS. Hope this helps.

    Have you ever heard of a gallbladder flush ?  All i can tell you , i do one once a year or so, feel whole lot better after.


    Yeah - too much gall aye! funny you.
    Gall bladder flush is good. You have to drink 4 oz of olive oil and prepare to hug the toilet.....

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