where can I find a free vet to help my freinds sick dog Im so worried about him and my freinds cant afford to pay vet bills and poor Brinks is the family pet to four boys its sad treally and I want whats best for Brinks and the whole family cuz they are decent people just a bit poor right now unfortunately. Do you have any suggesstions about any support agaencies out there or societies clubs etc,,,?

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    I dont kno what part of the world you are in? if you were in the UK I could susjest a few places I do wish you all the luck in the world and god bless that poor little doggie as MItchmar has said please ring everyone who could help this poor anilmal there must be some one who can help thank you for trying for that animal there is alot of people who would just not care and I can see you are not one them thank GOD 

    I agree with michmart 118. Ask the Vet about installment plan and apply for Helping Pet Fund. Your Vet has to apply on your behalf. I do hope you find a caring Vet,who will treat your dog.Good  luck in finding help for him. God bless you and your dog.

    Call who ever is open at this time and ask them point blank what they may be able to do to help you and your dog in your situation..  Call around, choose the best option and then GO!!!!   God bless  the dog and bless you for CARING!!

    I don't want to sound mean, but if you're low income and have 4 kids, you shouldn't have a dog, b/c the vet bills are so high.     However, if you live near a university, you could call the vetrinary school, and ask them if they provide care for pets. It would be cheaper than an estabished vet practice.

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