how do i find a repair maunal for a 250 quad made in china manland.

    the quad is a 250  the name on the seat is Rapitdity, It was made by Zhejiang manufactured in china.  Kandi USA Imported.  It's a CG250 vertical engine, type GA019-4, 7KNDX. 250AMS, 2008.  I bought it from J>F> Auto World in Cortland, NY 99 Tompkin St.  607-758-7534.  The dealer doen't have a manual and won't get one for me when I bought the machine 3 yrs ago.  I've been trying for so long to find a manual or repair manual of some kind for this machine to get specs for my valves and pistion and so forth for mantainance.  It's not a bad machine, just needs adjustments so it can run right.  If anyone knows anything, PLEASE RESPOND BACK!      Thank you very much  in need desperetly.  burdklutz



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    This is the best I could find for you. The site does not offer owner's manuals but there is an address where you could write them to see if they can send you one. 


    thank you so very much for the info i appreciate it you have no idea how much thank you for your time and info

    Hope you are able to get the manual from them. Good luck!

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