How do you train a dog not to poop indoors?

    i have yorkie 4 month who is constantly pees and poops inside, never outside; trying to train him to do his business outside not inside!

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    Dogs will normaly pee or drop a land mine within 30 minutes of eating so after feed time take you Yorkie, they are gorgeous little dogs, out into the yard and, this is the hard part WAIT.

    When you see there is about to be a "surprise" say "do a wee" or what ever and do this until Yorkie does then make a fuss to end all fusses over him. If you perservere with this it will work.

    Points to note are take him to the area that he used so that area becomes his toilet area.

    Also get his urine on a few layers of newspaper or a old mat and put this in his toilet area as encouragement.

    I have had dogs all my life and never any problem, in fact my present dog goes on command as did my previous Rottweiler


    I take it that you walk him or her twice a day. Then don't bring the dog in until it peed or pooed! simple as that.

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