HONESTLY , do you drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

    it is believerd that water is good for your body

    i said honestly just to be serious!

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    Umm, OK...this is my serious voice.... No :- |

    i believe it does rid the body of toxins, that's what the health nuts say.

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    Usually, sometimes more or less. It depends how good the water is that I buy. The person who invented bottled water must be a very wealthy person?

    I suppose I have to pay more attention to it living in the desert now.


    they say tap water is more scruntinized and regulated than bottled water,

    I get the water I drink from the vending machines and have a cooler at the house. It runs through a carbon filter twice. Also treated with U.V. light and reverse osmosis.For the low price of 25 cents a gallon.

    But you're right about that Daren.

    daren, do you believe it? what kind of water do you drink? Truthfully, I’ve never tasted my tap water.

    leeroy: That sounds soooo difficult.

    It's mee, it is, especially with a bad back. But you can order good water from a water service such as Culligan? That way you don't have to carry them by yourself...

    Seeing that's about all I drink,yes at least 8 glasses a day.


    Hi Rick....Glad you're back. Feel better ?

    Congrads to you Rick. that's incredible. it's so hard to get that eight glasses.

    Rick, I drink that much ALWAYS. I was thinking about you just tonight. LOL I’ll bet you wonder just what I was thinking. I wish I could contact you personally. It’s all good, Cleveland.

    Scottish water is the tastiest water in the western world, we drink it naturally from all the rivers we set our camps by, we rub the sticks together,make the fire and wow we can even boil the stuff, mix it with a bit of barley mash then you,ve got the water of life, WHISKY! ...YeeHaaaa...KOTF.


    I have had tap water in Edinburgh, it doesn't taste any different from other water i 've had-- Scots are so one eyed. -- be wary of men who wear skirts. lol.

    Big city water,gotta give the tourists what they,re used to ( chemicals )

    Not sure why people would lie about this but anyway, no, I do not though it is true water is good for you as long as it is not tap water that comes from city water (USA, non filtered).

    Water in the food one consumes counts, in fruits, salads, etc.....


    Great then I'm covered with my 12 cups of coffee per day!! lol

    Colleen: Coffee subtracts water. It dehydrates the body.

    I am a coffee drinker... I drink 2 glasses of water before bed with medication.



    Jeez,If I drank 2 glasses of water before bed I think I would have a terrible & embarrassing accident.LOL

    Tommy, the trick is to get up when you get THE CALL. My husband sets an alarm clock.

    No i don't i know i should , my wife has been on me on this for years..they make beer from water so i 'm covered in that department..


    fabulous daren!

    Maybe beer counts ... maybe.

    No, I have to admit I drink more coffee than water.


    Ann, coffee is a diuretic and sucks water out of your tissues and your system; so you need to drink more water.

    MC. I know, Its a bad habit that I need to change. Thanks

    Me too and have to say I find all these people walking around with their bottled water so annoying - it is like a fashion excessory these days. It is a puzzle to me how I have survived all these years without all this water - unfortunately have always drank a lot of coffee. I like tea too but do not make this for myself - just love if someone makes me a cup - just like nectar then.

    yeag as mycatsmom says coffee and tea for that matter are diuretics but there is still water there - bad habit though as both have caffeine as well.

    dopey, old habits die hard.I have tried, but I find coffe tastes much better than water. I like coffee with cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

    probely more bI love water I drink alot after around 6pm as I have drank far to much coffee


    Did everything go ok yesterday? I was thinking of you..R.

    yes well a few hiccups will post over the weekend thanks for thinking of me ROMOS oxoxoxo

    I think it's unrealistic to drink 8 or more glasses of water a day. When I drink just about 1/2 a glass, I'm right in the bathroom to urinate. If I drank  8 oz. all the time, I might as well live in the bathroom ; b/c I wouldn't be able to go anywhere. Beside, a lot of food has water in it.

    yes, I would easily drink more than that, I don't like soft drink and only drink fruit juice occasionally but I always have a bottle of water nearby.


    That much water could be dangerous!  Look what it did to the Titanic.


    LOL ... If you and my husband drink too much it will just float your boat.

    I would be lucky if i had a glass a day , i am a coffee addict.


    Coffee is dehydrating.

    I love it just the same, Itsmee

    As a kidney transplant patient I need to drink 6-8 8oz glasses of water a day or my numbers (blood work) is screwed up and I have to drink more and go for a

    The truthful requirement....7-8 glasses of 'liquid' not water! That includes the liquid from tea, coffee, juice (if you must), grapes, water melon, apples, carrots, etc.

    If most people drank that much water, they would hardly have room for food!

    like several others i love coffee.  maybe 2 cups around 12:00 noon.  my chiropractor told me to drink at least 3 liters a day.  i do mange to get in about 2 a day and sometime 3. i am working on it.

    It does not matter whether you drink one glass or three glasses of water. Moisture comes from food, coffee,  tea or any other drink. Drinking 7 - 8 glasses of water is a false story.

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