your question and answers catagorie sucks, i've noticed questions that have been asked hours ago have not been answered, you probably did'nt try to.

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    Where's my question I posted last night ( 1-19-12)about diabetic diets ? It was here last night....Now it's gone.

    It's right here and why are you asking this question here? Dan couldn't answer you.

    Your grammar isn't the best either, that sometimes obstructs our answering questions. You forgot to capitalize the first letter in your question and the last word should be too, not to.
    In fact either should replace your

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    We do try, some of the questions posted here do not have enough info in them to be answered, and some of them aren,t viable questions, this is a worldwide site with many members from many cultures, we try our best,you,re making me cry now, le weep le weep.

    The categories are fine. Some of the questions are not answerable. All the members here are volunteers, some of the questions require a lot of research and others just can not be researched. Most volunteers only have a set amount of time to answer questions so do not take the ones that require a lot of time to answer. You are more than welcome to jump on board and help answer some of the back log of questions here. The more volunteers we have, the more questions get answered. 


    By the way, did you notice that before this rant, I answered your question on how to print something right away? You were not left waiting.

    "Tellim Colleen!"

    It is nice of you to read us so much..............


    Hey Honey!

    AND the question was?

    with questions like this ,i guess you can see why..

    Why dont you try .Do you just like to "Moan" .Moaners are loaners.


    I guess he likes Goose eggs!

    We try to answer as many questions as we can, but it is questions like your one, that tends to hold us up.So, if you don't mind, keep your observations to your self and let us get on with the more serious ones.

    Did YOU try too??? Anyone who knows the answer can asn. the questions.

    We are short staffed.


    "How did you know my "Size" lol

    It was not meant to be pornographic!

    This isn't a test where every question has to be answered.  Freedom of choice. Pick and choose. Pass by if you aren't interested or don't have an answer. 
    You, as well, have the freedom of choice to participate or not.   

    Try to use the "Bump" button.  It gets your question to top of the front page again.

    BTW, the way I see it, the only thing that sucks here is your English.  You cannot spell.  You cannot punctuate.  The only thing you seem to do really well is the construction of a run-on sentence.  Judging from your picture, I am convinced you're either mentally challenged or you need a better dentist. 

    You should feel so lucky that I am making an effort to respond to your question.  Just look at yourself in the picture, Dan ghys.



    He smokes Meth!

    Hey Dan, it's "arithmetic".

    Hahaha, Umbriel, how true. I guess there's some similarity, teeth-wise, between the two of you. That's where the similarity ends. Your English, bar none, is impeccable and numero uno
    unless you face an evening of cognac over consumption.

    lol how old is this pic

    This picture is about 60 years old. That'd make Dan about 100.

    You need to go to FB it is FULL of experts.

    We didn't  want to let you feel left out, so go ahead have at it!!!!

    That's what Meth will do to you!

    So find a different site.

    People have lives,  apparently unlike you, so it would be best if you quit your b****ing ,  and got Lost.

    I like what Bob/PKB said" its freedom of choice wether to answer or not "

    By the way, out of curiosity,  what questions have  you answered??

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