I have tried several times to ask a question, PLEASE can you just give me the Address for the Main Post Office in Birmingham, Englands, City Center

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    Contact us 

    Click link :



    Royal Mail Central Delivery Office Aston

    St Stephen's Street


    West Midlands

    B6 4 AB

    0121 643 45 84

    You have a computer, GOOGLE it. <comment removed by moderator>


    We are here to answer questions, some people may not know how to find this information. Please do not be rude when replying.
    ed shank

    If their smart enough to ask a question here, than why can't they GOOGLE it? They are idiots. WHY DO "YOU" ALLOW THESE RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS TO BE POSTED FOREVER, USUALLY BY THE SAME PEOPLE. MAYBE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE ANNOYED WITH SEEING THE SAME GARBAGE EVERY DAY. My calling this person an idiot is not derogatory by definition, it's an accurate observation.

    Calling users of akaQA idiots is not allowed. We remove repeat questions as we see them. Asking for an address to a business is part of the reason akaQA exists. If these questions bother you, ignore them. We are a help site. We are here to help people who do not know how to Google search. Our ask a question button is on many different tool bars and there are ask a question boxes on may web pages on the internet that direct people to us. They do not have to search for these, they are just there and are a button to click or a box to type into found all over the internet. Do not insult users asking for help. akaQA is a help site first and a social forum second.

    Wow.. Twice in one day.... There was another question the sounded similar to your response. (not mean spirited, but similar.)
    We are here to help... It is a question and answer site... You dont have to answer them. I am happy to do it. The green button is there to attract traffic to this site.. If their question is about directions it is ok... Maybe when they see the site they will realize that we are very helpful and decide to participate.

    My sweet Eddie.... Dont sound so sad.... xoxox

    Jenn, The green button that originally attracted me to this site is gone. How can I get it back on my toolbar ?
    - - -Julie

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