What do you think is the best firearms?

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    !05mm Cannon are pretty good and destructive.

    One that will work every time, any time,  anywhere, when you pull the trigger.  Must be legally registered to limit your liability.  And don't forget that a  used pc. of junk could get you killed. 

    It would depend on what the intended use would be.

    I have a S&W stainless45 ACP I bought 20 some years ago, very nice, cost over $ 600 back then. I bought a Hi- point 45 ACP several years ago,Its as nice a gun to shoot as the Smith and that cost $155 made in he U.S. too. By the way both were bought new.

    The ones kept in the lock box

    A woman's finger nails scratch your eyes out.Well her nails are attached to her arm .Quicker than a bullet.

    Like mentioned above, it depends what you want it for. The best home protection I've found is a shotgun, that way you don't have 45 slugs going through a body and then through drywall into someone else, like your children or dog.

    The bigger the better .....

    One that shoots to kill not to maim that way only one story to tell.

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