What is your favorite breed of dog or cat and why?

    Feel free to elaborate on your favorite pet story. 

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    We Just had a favortite breed of do if you don't get many replies don't fret.

    As Doc Doolittle I cannot choose favorite breeds of either but I can tell you that my cat is King!  He's awesome and I love every bit of him!!

    Border Collies rule, if you are intelligent enough to own them, and can supply them with the enrichment that they require.  I had an adopted one who was kept in a city back yard with little outlet for his high-energy metabolism.  Most that are placed are due to bad behaviors caused by the owner trying to put a herding breed into an environment non-conducive to their requirements.  These dogs need a job, and it must be one requiring high degree thinking, as herding does.  I had to put our guy down at age 13 1/2, and would own another in a heartbeat!   He was a companion and was the herd dog at the vocational agricultural school which I taught at, traveling there each day.  He also was a pet therapy dog, made visits to nursing homes.  He won a dog food essay contest for Ole Roy Co. with a story of his life!  Missed by all who knew him, he was the recessive, red and white coloration Border Collie, named "Buster Brown"...

    Maine coon cat,, they are way cool, just fun loving creatures that love to hunt..

    Himalyan cats.

    I love burmese cats an cavalier king charles spniel dogs.

    An all-black Newfoundland! Have wanted one since I first laid eyes on one! In long-haired black cat, PJ. He's bad-ass!

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