how is it the networks like a and e can get away with facilitation of a crime show drug use even give rides to addicts to make drug deals and get shown on t.v dail.isnt any kind of illegal activity not reported actually called accessory

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    Here I am back again.

    I do not agree with radio stations broadcasting the location of mobile speed cameras.

    They should be charged with obstructing or impedng the police in the exercution of their(the police) duty.

    You don`t want the time don`t do the crime easy as.

    Good question Pamp One, I have long thought that TV and other journos should be charged with withholding evidence from the police or even aiding and abbeting.

    Surely it is the responsibility of us all to report illegal activity to relevant authorities, how else can we hope to win the war against crime?

    It is despicable, that this would be allowed to happen.

    Those of us who watch and do nothing are also accessories after the fact.

    Since money is being made, it would take a group of outraged citizens to expose the law that is being bent.

    Thank you, this is an outstanding subject to research!

    Yes. especially if they allowed the subject back in the car with the drugs.

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