My husband and I have Kindle, however, I open up the account first. When messages comes up it is in my name. How can I have the messages come up with his name? Also, how can I enlarge the font on the Kindle?

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    Side note... I wish ppl would stop asking about kindles... I want one so badly!

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    Kindle accounts can only be in one name. You can not edit the name of the account holder. 

    Kindle 3 Font Test

    Press the "Aa" button - you will be able to change font size, line spacing, etc:

    With the latest firmware Kindle 3 supports 8 font sizes, 3 typefaces, 3 line spacing settings and 3 line widths. Overall this gives you 168 different ways to display any text. I ran some tests to give get an idea how these settings differ by displaying “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” sentence over and over on the same page.

    On default settings (Font size #3, regular typeface, large line spacing, default words per line) Kindle screenŠ’ accommodates 221 words. Following table illustrates the effect of different font settings on the number of words per page:

    Setting Number of words
    Font size #1 160%
    Font size #2 117%
    Font size #3 100%
    Font size #4 65%
    Font size #5 47%
    Font size #6 35%
    Font size #7 14%
    Font size #8 8%
    Regular typeface 100%
    Condensed typeface 119%
    Sans Serif typeface 124%
    Small line spacing 122%
    Medium line spacing 110%
    Large line spacing 100%
    Fewest words per line 68%
    Fewer words per line 83%
    Default words per line 100%
    Most words per page 240%
    Least words per page 2.7%

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