what is the best pillow to buy for sleep apena

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    Dunlopillow breath easy is good, but you,re better being tested and given the proper treatment.

    The best answer to sleep apnea is a CPAP machine!  Pillows are a band-aid. I know, my husband suffers badly and we tried everything until he bit the bullet and had a sleep study done. He stopped breathing 111 times in one  night.  Two nights after sleeping at home with his new CPAP,  he had the energy of someone 15 yrs younger!!  No more falling asleep on the couch every night at 8pm and I didn't have to move into the guest room just so I could get sleep!  It was INCREDIBLY frustrating to lay there and listen to the freight train all night long, night after night after night....And he was only 36 yrs old.

    A "Down" pillow works best for me, why do you ask?



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