A note from IamPamela

    Pamela is doing very well.  She's taking care of her Mother so with that and running her own household she has little time for anything else.  She wishes everyone a very Happy New Year and is thankful that you all are thinking about her.  I'm sure she will be back when time allows.  

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    Wishing her well , thoughts are there always...R.

    Thanks for the update.  Say Hi to her from all of us 'goof-balls'.


    I told her you were all concerned. She appreciated it very much. Thanks doolittle

    Of Course! I car for everyone's well being! Especially when they are going through rough and painful experiences. Tell her to check in here especially if she needs our support!

    Thanks for update and wish her the best of Aussie wishes from "The land downunder"

    Reassure her that she is missed and we're all looking forward to her return.............

    Wow it's been a while, glad to hear she is well, indeed we all miss her !

    Thank you for the update. To take care of her mom is her priority and I hope her mom feels better. Sure miss her.

    Wishing you well .Your MUM is your best friend I know mine was .

    Glad she's fine........

    A busy time for her, hope she's back soon

    “Be Well” from itsmee

    Continuing wishes for Pamela and her mom well being...

    Glad to hear...thanks for letting us know.

    Give her my love... and thank you for the update.

    It's really nice to see that members are cared for enough by others to keep the rest of us sheep up to date. Best of 2012, I am taking care of my parents as well so I totally understand what is needed. I just think about what they gave me as a child in all of the chaos.

    Dear IamPamela:


    Thank you Yvonne57 for keeping us informed.


    you are welcome

    Thanks for the update.................pass on to her we miss her here!  {:D

    Thanks Yvonne57.........I hope all is well for her and family.

    Thanks yvonne I had emailed well before Christmas saying how ill my Mother was but didnt relise that she was looking after her Mom as she didnt reply and I thought it wierd then when you email or speak to her give her my love and please inform her of my Mother dying thanks again xxx


    I will do that for you mel.

    Yvonne thank you for that xxxxx

    Get back here woman.

    Thanks for the update, say hi to her for me

    thanks for letting us know, Yvonne. We wondered where she was and we missed her.  By the way , does anyone know where Vinny is ?  And where's Robert Grist ?


    I’m here! Just go on and read these lovely responses regarding Pam. I love that woman and you too mycatsmon. Been going round and round with my computer…looking right now. Various upgrades and too many passwords.

    Thank you for the update, Yvonne57. I have been wondering to myself about her and it's good to hear she is well. 

    We all love you! Hurry back!!

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