How do i get to my blood cholesterol level after giving blood?

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    Giving blood does not lower your cholesteral levels, proper diet and excersise does.

    Jenny- BY  giving blood (as in giving blood to the Red Cross or at a similar blood drive) you will only be notified if you have HIV or Hepatitis...if you checked the notification box.  They will likely run tests to make sure all of your blood components are at good levels and they will also see which, if any, antibodies you carry. And of course your blood type and Rh factor.

    If they drew blood in the doctor's office and asked for a lipid profile/ cholesterol level then your doctor's office should be in touch with you about 2 weeks after the draw. (you can call them around then and ask for your level).  If they did not request a cholesterol level you will need to have blood drawn so they can request the lab to run it.

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