My late dads birth cert.has recently come to light (he died in 1995) while I was researching my family tree.He was born in 1921 and the chances are he was adopted if so were adoption records kept then Ive been told they didnt start till 1927 is this true I neednt pay to join a search group if Im not likely to find a record

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    I thought I had posted an answer to this it may re-appear.  

    1st if any of your dads siblings on his side are alive they may have info.- a family Bible was the place that people wrote this type of info down.

    2nd) sometimes adoptions were by family members or close friends

    3rd) if by an orphanage you may obtain some info. but prob not much

    4th) Ummm. Yup. I forget

    Good Luck


    I would like to add that, since you have his birth certificate and your dad is now deceased, you could petition to the court where his birth state was to release all relevant information pertaining to him. This should be done by an attorney because states with closed adoptions tend to be harder to get information from.

    Chi- excellent advice!

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