does proper practice of religion give you peace of mind

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    Believing in a supreme being is the path to peace of mind, regardless of what you believe in.

    I have peace of mind and do not practise a religion, in fact religion causes me great mental turmoil so I try to avoid thinking about it.

    ME NO.YOU?

    My mind is at peace.

    I am a Christian woman, and the Bible teaches us that JESUS is the only one who can give us "Perfect Peace"; in fact: It is the Peace that traspasses all understanding...I do not practice religion; religion is something "superfluous". But I have the knowlede of JESUS and also a very intimate relationship with the Son of when I am in turmoils in life and I am "insecure" or frightened or simply things overwhelm me, I go to HIM in prayer and He does give me the perfect peace....This is how we call HIM: "The Prince of Peace" among so many other beautiful names He has....! Did you know that GOD has different names in the Bible?

    ed shank

    I refer to him as the "Big Guy".

    Yes it does. When all is said and done, you may find that there is nobody to rely on except the principles of religion, no matter what religion it is; from the original preachings and teachings, not the modified versions that exist today. Religion generally advises peace, therefore peace within becomes peace without.

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