how much bath salts does it take to o.d.

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    This depends on how long you can keep your mouth open under water.


    Lol.... very amusing.....really. no sarcasm. But wrong bath salts homie. If u dont kno wat they are jus forget even readin my question. Trust me.....ur better off bro

    For those who don't know (I just looked it up) "bath salts"....a very dangerous and illicit street drug.


    And u found out............??????

    Like I looking it up.

    Ah i see.... a smartass lol. Well i already did. All the negative things everything said bout em has never ever happened to me. And ive done like five times the amnt they said itd take, this was before i knew there was ppl dyin and shit. Either im jus extremely tolerant, or the gov. Is yet again tryin to kill everyones buzz.

    I say if ur gonna try somethin like that that without researching all the pros and cons, then its ur own fault if somethin bad happens cuz of it. And i did jus that.... had no idea wat it really was, jus knew a buddy said its jus like powder. If i woulda seized up or died it woulda been nobodys fault but my own for bein a dumbass.

    Any amount can make you od..... it is not a safe drug... Stay away from it.


    Honey no drug, apart from marijuana, which shouldnt even be considered a drug, and doctor perscribed drugs, are safe. Ppl kno this and still choose to use them. To each their own i say. If they kno the consequences and still partake in it, they need to be ready to face the worse ones........ and thats real talk

    yes my dear, I know... There are a lot of kids that come on here asking this question. And my answer stands... any amount can be lethal.

    Sic him Pup sic him !

    He is all attitude and no brains!

    Love you Ben!

    Why would you want to find this out............?


    Maybe some ppl out there have close friends or relatives using the stuff, or even themselves, and wanna kno wen to stop before really messin up. Thats y id like to kno........ if thats ok wit u

    It is unsafe and unpredictable. Best not to fool with it at all......

    Well speakin for myself and myself only, from personal experience, all the negative thing ppl say will happen never have...... ever. Even at five times the amnt ppl r sayin it takes to freak out or even die. Im still healthy as a horse. No weight loss, no mood swings, no paranoia or delusions. Still jus as sharp and mentally sound as ever. But like i said, maybe its just me.

    I said the same thing back in my meth days. I'm paying the piper now, believe you me. It (drugs) have a way of catching up............Best to leave them alone......

    Hey Miami l sure got the wrong end of the stick with your question, my fault thinking you being a bit humourus.

    I have never heard of this drug but it sure dont sound nice anyway sorry if you though i was being funny over a serious matter didnot mean to.

    Take care bro 


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