what do you do for phone scans I got hooked for about $1000 . This company ztech knew I got a new dell computer and my info. They were in New York, They have left for Kolkata India, who does the government stop this

    I was told they make outbound calls to crack a sale. Does India have any control over them If so what

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    Hey! you mean these things are not legit?

    Glad you told me because I just got a email saying I had inheried $US17,500,000 and I was going to send my details but I wont now after you warned me.

    I also got one from the UK saying I had won money but as I had already won 17 1/2 millionn I let that one pass to someone who really needed it.

    For crying out loud when did it become the governments responsibility to protect people against their own greedy stupidity.

    You hear about this stuff almost daily yet people blame the government when they get stung.

    Caveat Emptor.

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