NOW Seriously, do you prefer the status quo, or are you different?

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    I,ve always liked Status Quo, or the quo as they,re known by. ROCKIN ALL OVER THE WORLD!!


    how about INXS?

    If only Michael was still with them,never been the same since he passed.

    Don't ask me
    What you know is true
    Don't have to tell you..
    I love your precious heart.

    Great band...INXS!

    I am different.  I listen to my gut feeling, more often than not.  I firmly believe the majority is always wrong.  I am not weird, just different. 

    Generally, in the stock market, going with the flow would eventually net you the biggest losses in your investments.  Daring to be different tends to give you the biggest profits.

    The Status Quo...I want to be stable and secure have a group of friends and participate with peers in  something meaningful to myself and others.

    But perspectives and old ideas must be challenged and I must keep an open mind.

    Ummm, I'm different. Unique, odd, weird, kooky, beating to my own drum...I can status quo somewhat with money- savings.. retirement...but after 5 years of constant pain and illness dealing with the fact that I'm unable to do most status quo things...I have learned a lot and my thoughts about what is really important in life have changed. (I've had a lot of AFGOS- another f'ing growth opportunity in life) As I said to one friend "other than being killed I've seen it all firsthand and experienced alot of it - it being  bad  experiences".  So, I pray and am thankful for my God and Savior, try to enjoy the moment, and live in the moment.  I view life and what's truly important Much differently than most...P.S. I love to laugh and you all are the best!

    Nope I am me just me all the time.

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